DSC_0556December 10, 2015 – With their business event shortly to take place in a local Toronto venue, companies must choose banner stand suppliers that offer quality, durable products that combine refined appeal with affordability. But for owners of growing companies with limited experience in the business event industry, this can be a difficult process. It’s important to consider the company’s needs carefully before investing in banner stands. In this blog, we outline three questions to ask before selecting banner stand suppliers.

  1. What is the Company Budget?

The company should have a clear and concrete budget before they begin reviewing banner stand suppliers in Toronto. The products within the market vary significantly from provider-to-provider, and it’s important that business owners select a budget that will ensure they remain on sound fiscal footing during their marketing campaign while improving their marketing appeal at the event.

  1. DSC_0676How Long Will We Be Using the Product?

Is the banner stand going to be used at multiple events in the future or will it just be required for the short-term? Companies investing in short-term-use products may find they can achieve better value for money if they invest in rental banner stands from their suppliers. It’s important to work with the supplier directly to compare their various products and then select the best solution for the campaign objective.

  1. How will we be Traveling to Upcoming Events?

This is a consideration few review before they purchase banner stand products. These systems can often be quite large and require specialized transportation needs. The supplier chosen should be able to provide specific storage solutions to ensure the product is safe when transporting it from the office to the business event venue.

By taking these three questions into consideration, business owners can build a foundation for selecting their local Toronto banner stand suppliers. To learn more, speak with our trusted team today!