May 1, 2014

Display architecture can help transform a company from just another one of the attendees at an event to a star attraction. But, oftentimes, companies are not adept at capitalizing on the full value of their investment within trade show displays. Within this blog, we’ll look at the three leading challenges that even the best company can face when trying to achieve value for their investment dollars.

1)      Imprecise Branding

Companies must understand their market completely before they begin their trade show campaigns. They must know their target audience and they must have a strong idea on how to advertise their leading solutions through effective trade show designs. Working with a trade show design specialist can help companies fine-tune their trade show messaging.

2)      Not Training Staff for the Event

Event marketing is completely unique to other types of promotion and salesmanship.  Companies cannot simply send their personnel to their event without guidance. Employees need to know the company objectives and how to reach those objectives by harnessing their skill-sets.

3)      Not Setting Precise Goals

When hosting trade show displays, it’s imperative that organizations have a core objective for the event. By setting clear goals for their entire team, firms can then achieve a set of metrics by which to measure their success and then find methods to optimize their strategy over several tradeshows.

Trade show events require forward planning and effective training for all company representatives. Don’t make the same mistakes as many of your firm’s industry predecessors. There is exceptional long-term value within the trade show displays of companies that understand how to maximize their investment.