March 24, 2015

A company’s business events are its opportunity to maximize brand recognition and introduce its products and services to the marketplace. But this process cannot be completed within a few short weeks. It’s a process that requires companies to research the field and review how to design their trade show displays for eye-catching appeal within the event environment. Within this blog, we’ll highlight three tips for developing brand awareness with trade show displays.

  1. DSC_0161Show Research

Who is the event audience? What are the audience’s objectives? Which companies will also be exhibiting at the event? Answering these questions is an important element of the research process when developing brand awareness. It’s important to know how best to position the brand in comparison to other companies. What does the company do differently and how can that unique element be used to appeal specifically to this audience?

  1. Professional Display Design

The design of a company’s trade show displays is critical to its trade show success. Companies should not focus on adding too much information to their trade show displays. Interested clients will find this information out through other means – either by speaking to the salesperson at the event or reviewing the company website. The display should be simple and focused exactly on the benefits the company offers.

  1. B Espresso BarExhibit at Many Events

Instead of preparing comprehensively for that one important event, companies should focus on developing a foundation that will allow them to move forward at many events and in many locations. This is the ideal way to consolidate research expenditure and carry the brand forward in numerous markets across the country.

Effective trade show marketing requires company leaders to consider the event, the individual client, and the company’s future marketing strategy. This holistic approach to the marketing process can ensure they reap rewards over the long term.