October 30, 2014

Understanding the best-practices in terms of display design can empower companies to succeed over many trade show events. There are various strategies that have proven fruitful for both large brands and smaller growing companies. But sometimes companies try to take on too much of the design work alone, without specialist help. This can sometimes cause costly campaign errors that effect marketing returns. Here, we’ll look at three expensive errors companies continue to make when designing their display banner stands.

1. Negative Campaigning

One of the leading mistakes many new brands make when they enter the trade show space is using their display banner stands to focus on the negative aspects of other company’s products. Not only can this take the focus off the brand’s product catalogue, but it can also cause audience members to form a negative impression of the display hosting brand themselves.

2. Choosing Unfamiliar Colours

Companies, especially those in important growth phases, should try to maintain consistent branding within their marketing campaigns. Using one colour and logo style for a retail front and another for trade show marketing will reduce the effect of both displays. A consistent vision is critical to strong and memorable branding.

3. Not Selecting Experts

Many failures in branding and display design derive from choosing a non-professional designer. It’s important the designer chosen has a proven history of successful branding work. They must know the techniques that will capture the imagination and drive a resounding brand appeal.

Effective branding requires time and a commitment to understanding the trade show industry. Without these resources, companies should try to work with expert designers on their display banner stands. The additional expenditure on designwill return to the company through effective branding work over the long-term.