August 5, 2014

With the summer now here, company leaders are now reviewing their calendars and highlighting events that they will be attending in the coming months. But before they begin to think about booking their hotel rooms and speaking with people at the venue, it’s imperative to consider the type of display the company will require for optimal marketing returns. Most firms now prefer custom trade show displays that empower their brand to create a unique image at the event. But there are numerous challenges that await those beginning this process. Here, we’ll review three challenges involved in creating custom trade show displays.

1) Limited Budget

Growing companies don’t always have additional money to spend on creating standout custom trade show displays. But the good news is that there’s more to creating quality displays than finances. Small businesses can succeed by utilizing creative thinking and considering the main targets for their promotions.

2) Lack of Time

Often, business leaders find themselves with just a few weeks left before they start considering their trade show display. Companies must begin to create trade show timetables that set clear objectives for various dates up-to the event. This will help mitigate time problems and allow team members to work together in ensuring all event areas are covered.

3) Lack of Understanding on Design Processes

One key problem many companies face when moving toward their first trade show appearance is a lack of understanding on the comprehensive design process. Companies must work with their designers to ensure that all their questions are answered. It’s important to try to have at least two stakeholders working with the design team to ensure that relevant questions are raised and answered, and the optimal display created for the company.

There are few trade show success obstacles that cannot be overcome with decisive action. By building forward-thinking event teams, today’s growing small businesses can create lasting impressions with their custom trade show display system.