July 17, 2013

Retractable banner stands have become a key asset for companies in promoting their products at events across the country. These high value systems enable fast audience engagement at a smaller cost than other available products on the market. The key is to understand how to best utilize the retractable banner stand for optimal returns. And so within this blog, we’ll focus on two key factors involved in achieving strong results with retractable banner stands.

1)      Location

Business leaders must spend a significant amount of time considering placement of banner stands. The location of displays primarily depends on the type of venue used for the event. For example, in large event venues where thousands of audience members are in attendance, placing retractable banner stands ahead of displays is a great way to capture attention from passersby. Smaller venues might require businesses to use their retractable banner stands at entrances to guide audience members to their display area.

2)      Promotional Integration

Consider the company’s entire promotional campaign. The design of retractable banner stands must be in-keeping within the company’s current promotional work. Audiences will notice when one display area doesn’t quite match the rest and this can give a less than professional impression that might damage the brand in the long-term. The industry’s leading companies utilize retractable banner stands to add to their current displays through the use of campaign-integrated graphics such as product advantage lists.

For the small business, retractable banner stands are an affordable alternative to larger and more complex display systems. But companies must utilize these high-value products in the optimal way to ensure that their investment isn’t wasted on event day.