April 7, 2015

Video technology can be used to great effect at trade shows. It can help organizations engage event attendees and offer a simple way of conveying complex branding messages. Companies that integrate high quality video systems with their banner stands can maximize the impact of their displays and guarantee strong responses from their trade show audiences. In this blog, we’ll highlight two further advantages of using video systems with trade show banner stands.

  1. DSC_0072Educational Content without Pressure on Staff

By utilizing video content with their banner stands, companies can educate their audience on their products and services without the need to train staff to conduct live presentations. In live presentations, anything can go wrong. The product could fail. The speaker could become nervous. Videos help mitigate these issues and allow the company to retain complete control over their messages. On-site staff can then help explain the video to attendees and provide additional information to ensure return on investment.

  1. A Strong Presence at the Event

Trade show attendees are often attracted to displays with videos. Instead of simple staging areas, a large screen can capture the attention of those passing by the display. Even if the attendee doesn’t necessarily watch the video all the way through, it brings then closer to company representatives, who can then engage the attendee and outline the brand’s key message points.

Effective event branding requires companies to use highly engaging technology, and the latest video systems are designed to support the engagement process. To learn more, speak with our trusted equipment experts directly!