November 20, 2014

Murphy’s Law is a popular adage that states “if something can go wrong it will.” At Best Displays & Graphics we equip our customers with the right banner and graphic repair tools to ensure that, everything goes off without a hitch at any trade fair. But we also know that anything can happen, which is why exhibitors should be prepared at a moment’s notice to tackle problems that may occur.

IMG 0657If you are a tradeshow exhibitor, having a toolkit is not only important to preventing disaster, but also for setting up and taking down your displays. With over 30 years of experience of helping customers install custom booths, our tradeshow specialists know exactly what kind of issues to expect and how to prevent them. When our staff attends trade fairs, they know that they need to be prepared to fix and replace all types of hardware and adjust graphics, if required, so that they look pristine.

When attending tradeshows, our specialists bring with them the following tools to prevent any small complications from escalating into something more disastrous.

What we bring on an install:

Blueprint or Fabframe Hardware

For adjusting Blueprint or Fabframe display hardware, Best Display & Graphics staff recommends bringing:

–          A crescent wrench;

–          Pilars;

–          Screws as well as a flathead screw driver;

–          Cubes, corners, middles, and feet;

–          A level; and

–          A drill and some bits (Phillips/Robinson)

Vinyl or Fabric Graphics

When making adjustments to vinyl or fabric graphics, the ideal tools to have on you are:

–          Velcro;

–          Magnets;

–          Double sided tape; and

–          A cleaning kit

Personal Hygiene Tools

Although tools are important to the success of your display, part of a trade fair involves communication with attendees which is why it is important to remember to take care of yourself as well. Important personal hygiene tools that will help you sell yourself as well as your product to potential clients include:

–          Breath mints;

–          Air freshener;

–          Hands sanitizer; and

–          A toothbrush to clean your teeth after meals

An Emergency Kit

No matter where you are, it is always a good idea to be prepared in case you get hurt. This is why our specialists from Best Displays & Graphics recommend that you bring with you an emergency kit that contains all of the essentials such as:

–          Stomach ailment remedies like Gravol;

–          Bandages; and

–          Emergency contact information for doctors

IMG 0660Other Helpful Tools to Bring With You

In addition to tools that will help you fix your display sets and graphics, there are other things that you can bring with you to a trade fair that will mitigate any issues that you may face. This includes:

–          Packing tape;

–          Measuring tape;

–          One or two permanent markers;

–          A USB drive;

–          A laptop stand;

–          Batteries;

–          A multi-head screwdriver

–          A step ladder; and

–          An extension cord/ power bar

At Best Displays & Graphics, we bring spare parts and a cleaning kit for our customers. Outside of that, we recommend that clients who are installing their displays themselves compile a kit of important tools that will help them with any little problem. Our list of what you should bring with you is just a small sample of the essentials you may need. You will, of course, need to consider exactly what you will need for your specific tradeshow.

Whether your display is damaged, there is a typo in your graphics, or one of your cables stops working, it is always good to be prepared for anything that can go wrong, so pack your supplies carefully and always remember to bring extra tools. Once you have everything that you need, remember to be clear and assertive when interacting with potential onlookers. Know your product and what you want to sell and be prepared to talk about it because an exceptional display can only take you so far.

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