The decision to invest in a trade show display can have long-term consequences for an organization. It’s for this reason that it’s imperative to conduct research before and discover which solutions the experts recommend. Many larger and experienced professionals have made mistakes in their trade show equipment purchases. Within this blog, we’ll review the top two mistakes made by those procuring banner stands and other equipment for their industry events.

1)      Automatically Choosing the Lowest-Priced Option

While cutting costs is an important element in running a successful business, cutting on promotional architecture can have a devastating effect on the company’s brand image. For those who do their research there are many high quality solutions available at affordable prices. Optimal presentation doesn’t have to be overly expensive but spending a little bit more on marketing campaigns at the beginning can help quickly build a company’s reputation within the eyes of their core demographic.

2)      Taking a Short-Term Approach to a Long-Term Problem

The future success of an organization is based on decisions made today. When purchasing banner stands or other styles of display architecture, it’s imperative to purchase a solution that can be expanded as the company expands. There are many unique modular displays on the market today and these solutions can be optimized to suit the evolving requirements of the company and the changing demands of its client-base. Considering future requirements provides the best foundation for a healthy business.

Proactively researching market options before making a decision will ensure that companies don’t spend money on ill-fitting equipment. The right options are available for those who know exactly what they’re looking for.