January 10, 2013

Promotional design plays a central role in the success of a product within the marketplace. Without widespread appeal to a broad-range of demographics, products and services will not produce the desired return for the company. The same can be said of the designs used on a trade show booth. With that in mind, this blog will focus on two mistakes trade show booth designers make when creating their business event materials.

1)      Using Complex Language on Booth Designs

Trade show booth designs must appeal to a wide range of people if they are to professionally sell a service or product. This means that marketers must use simple, easy-to-understand language in order to appeal to the greatest number of people. While using rarely-used, complex words might highlight the company’s intelligence, it will likely put off the very people for whom their products are created. Companies should create a simplified, direct sales message and then consistently use that message across all marketing materials in order to achieve long-term promotional success.

2)      Inconsistent Branding on Booth Designs

Too often, smaller organizations use a changing combination of colours within their promotional materials. This has the effect of confusing potential customers about the origin of the product being promoted and therefore limits the appeal of the product. The largest and most successful brands from all industries have maintained a consistent brand image throughout their years in the field. Smaller organizations should follow suit to achieve that same level of brand recognition.

Mistakes will always be made by smaller companies just beginning to promote their products, but understanding the professional methods to promotion can help ensure a stable return for the company over their many corporate events.