September 9, 2014

Engaging trade show audiences and ensuring a return on investment for their marketing campaigns is the leading objective of trade show representatives at events across Canada. But most owners of growing companies have a limited understanding on the customizations that will make their brand more appealing to audiences. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight three additions that can make custom trade show booths standout at future events across the country.

1. Quality Lighting

Lighting can play a significant role in the impact of custom trade show booths. It’s important for companies to place lighting behind their display while also using spotlighting to create interest in the events taking place around their booths.

2. Set-Up Podiums for Guest Speakers

By utilizing podiums as part of their trade show booths, companies can provide the ideal environment for audiences to stand-up and take notice of their display area. Podiums are an ideal addition to custom trade show booths when hosting Q&A sessions or product demonstrations.

3. Scalable Designs for Continuous Flexibility

Companies can achieve continuous branding flexibility through the implementation of scalable custom trade show booths. Systems that use Blueprint displays, for example, can be added to at any point to ensure unique appeal across a range of events. It’s how leading firms customize their displays for a lasting impact.

Exceptional branding requires exceptional trade show displays. Make effective use of your company’s time on the promotional stage by ensuring you’re using all the tools available to make a lasting impression.