Trade show attendees, if they’re going to the event as a consumer and not a business person, generally go there to learn more about the industry. Another benefit of attending such events is the prize giveaways that most companies offer at their trade show displays. In order to ensure that your organization’s offerings are not simply novelty items that will serve little purpose post event, you have to keep in mind one key factor that forms the foundation for every high-value trade show giveaway – Giveaways Must Provide Practical Value.

One issue that has become a trend of late in recent time is that many companies aren’t providing trade show giveaways that have a wider application. For example, products such as bouncy balls and flying airplanes may seem like a fun item, but they’re often discarded almost immediately either during or after the event. Therefore companies should try to look for value within their giveaway items to ensure that the customer not only remembers the organization in the longer term but also has an incentive to use the product provided.

These items don’t necessarily have to be expensive to meet this objective. Consider for example wall calendars that display information about your organization. Calendars can be affordably printed through local printing companies yet still provide the organization with a high value mechanism for revenue generation long after the event has concluded.

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