September 11, 2014

Some might consider pop-up displays a relic of a past era in which promotional tools were designed to inform rather than inspire. But these systems form an invaluable part of a comprehensive marketing system. And without them, even the largest companies are leaving an element of their campaigns to chance. Here, we’ll highlight a few of the reasons why pop-up displays are so important in today’s marketing campaigns for Toronto firms.

Additional Features

Pop-up displays often include additional features such as counters, which provide convenience for companies promoting their products at business events. Another leading feature of pop-up displays is that they can be used next to one another to create a full surface wall that provides a large amount of information. It’s this usage flexibility that makes pop-up displays so useful in engaging Toronto event audiences.

Save on Transportation Costs

A leading advantage of pop-up displays is that they’re exceptionally easy to transport across the country. Because of their lightweight structure, pop-up displays don’t cost a large amount to send from one event space to the other. This is ideal for small firms attempting to navigate the promotional marketplace while consolidating expenditures.

Reduce Set-Up Time

Companies using pop-up displays in their events will gain an advantage from the moment they arrive on the trade show floor. That’s because these displays can be set up in just minutes, without the need for specialist equipment. It’s how firms are saving time while building relationships with event audiences.

Bringing the pop-up display into your current marketing campaign is a great way to ensure future success. These cost-effective systems are now helping companies across North America improve their event performance and maximize campaign returns.