September 23, 2014

With their event now over and attendees headed home, it comes time for company representatives to take down their displays and take them away for storage until the next event. The choice of storage facility is critical to protecting the aesthetic and structural performance of trade show displays. Therefore, companies should understand the important factors behind their choice of storage facility. In this blog, we’ll highlight a few of the factors to consider.

Choose Companies that Offer Climate-Controlled Storage Areas

It’s important to consider the unique elements that make-up the design of trade show displays. Oftentimes, the chemicals used in the display’s production require optimal storage within climate-controlled areas. Otherwise, displays can become ruined by pooling moisture and other issues that arise due to extreme temperature.

Choose a Storage Firm Known for Their Security

It’s imperative that the storage firm chosen has a high performance security system in-place within their facility. Business owners might wish to visit their chosen storage specialist’s facility to determine their professionalism.

Review the Long-Term Storage Costs

Some storage companies are able to offer their clients reduced fees for long-term storage requirements. Businesses can consolidate their expenditure significantly by creating agreements based on lasting business relationships. In reviewing costs, it’s also imperative to analyze contracts before concluding an agreement.

The leading companies have gained success in the trade show space by maintaining high quality trade show displays over many years. This can only be achieved through leading-class storage. Consider all elements of the process to secure a storage deal that represents full long-term value.