April 1, 2014

Today’s brand leaders have little trouble in attracting interest for their latest products. The latest releases from the likes of Apple and Nike get pulses racing and tightly hold attention from the moment they enters the public consciousness. But what about smaller brands? How do today’s start-ups overcome the challenges they face in generating interest from their trade show booths? In this blog, we’ll look at how forward-thinking firms can work to compete with the larger global leaders.

Expensive Trade Show Booth Architecture

It costs a great deal of money to become a business leader. But small companies don’t have to go into great debt immediately just to buy the newest display equipment. Companies must focus on building their brands with a creative and fresh appeal. None of the larger brands in today’s market achieved their position by simply doing the same thing everyone else did. They stood out. And companies can save money on quality stands by choosing affordable options while integrating creative display techniques. Consider options such as touch screen technology and bringing in guest speakers to attract interest.

Limited Space

Most trade show environments will only provide a small space for exhibitors. This is especially true for events in which many new businesses are promoting their work. And so growing companies must find ways in which to capitalize on the space they have. One idea that many are now using is to place banner stands in noticeable points within the venue to build a crowd. Companies can also garner interest with marketing tools such as call to actions on their displays. Remember: creativity is crucial.

Small firms don’t have to remain in the shadows of their counterparts for long. But to emerge into the light at trade show events, growing companies must be creative with their trade show booths. Work with a specialist booth designer in your area to see the various options available to your firm.