February 18th, 2015

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and the smaller a business doesn’t necessarily mean the worse their product. There are actually a lot of main benefits to having a small business including low cost, versatility at a moment’s whim, a feeling of togetherness and family, as well as closer relationships with clients. Moreover, whilst many large companies are focused on trying to please many customers, small businesses focus on a very small niche. Because of this, they can dedicate more hours to finding exactly what their clients need and want. 

However, at Best Display & Graphics we know that a small business also means that they have other specifications that need to be taken into consideration during trade shows large companies may never have to worry about.

Small Businesses Have a Lower Budget

For one thing, a small business can often have less money with which they can part with. But if smartly budgeted, certain expenses can be lowered. At Best Display & Graphics we have many options for small businesses that can avoid installation fees with DIY set up products. In addition, we can also set up your products to reduce shipping fees with light weight and compact shipping dimensions. Your company can also increase your return on investment by capitalizing on quality products that can easily be integrated into larger display configurations as the company grows and can be used outside the trade show space like in the office showroom or at a corporate event.

Saving money on these aspects of your display will also help your company focus any extra money on the quality of their products and graphics.

Because smaller companies face different challenges than their bigger counterparts, certain factors need to be considered when choosing the perfect and most affordable trade show booth displays: 

1. Consider the product owners – When a product fails, smaller businesses cannot afford the loss. Instead they must protect their investment and buy from trusted manufacturers like Best Display & Graphics.

2. Speak with other small business owners – Communicate with other small business owners to see which products have worked best for them in the past.

3. Ensure displays are both portable and durable – Displays require constant assembly and disassembly as well as transport to and from events. Portability and durability are necessary to make sure that your investment doesn’t get destroyed.

What Kind of Products/Services are Offered From Best Display & Graphics?

Our products from Best Displays & Graphics come in a variety of different options that are ideal for small businesses and large businesses alike. From 10’, 20’, 30’ as well as larger displays that are easily assembled without the use of tools. In addition, we also have all sizes of retractable banner stands, not retractable banner stands, and banner stand graphics. Other products to choose from include anything from trade show booth displays, pop up displays, banner stands, truss displays, tension fabric displays, custom displays, conceptual design renderings, drug identification kits, tabletop displays, tablecloths, flag banners, literature rags, flooring, kiosks and counters, display fabric colour samples, golf tournament signage, tents, and more! We also offer set up, installation, and storage services as well as graphic design services to ensure that your banners look great.

Why Choose Best Displays & Graphics?

More and more businesses of all sizes within the Greater Toronto Area continue choosing Best Display & Graphics because our services have been proven to work. We understand the small businesses cannot afford the large-scale projects that their big brand counterparts can which is why we offer customized solutions and cost-effective pricing that fits with each stage of business development.

For more information and tips on improving your ROI on your display investment – please view the video here:

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