IIBA-9543-20x20-B3November 12, 2015 – The design of your trade show booth is the element that can decide the success of an event. It may even decide the success of your entire marketing strategy. And this means, as a business owner, you must consider the design element within the trade show exhibit carefully. As trusted specialists for the design of high caliber displays, our team has several years’ experience in this area. In this post, we’ll look at three design features all successful trade show booth setups use.

  1. High Quality Flooring

Most business owners omit the flooring from their thinking when analyzing their trade show exhibit design requirements. The flooring is a critical consideration because it’s the one element that all visitors will see and experience should they choose to speak with the company’s staff. Make sure the flooring is comfortable to walk on, and features stylish elements that blend with the rest of the booth design.

  1. Consistent Messaging

Brands can achieve success through a commitment to consistent messaging and leading-class products. Staying on-message during the event can present audiences with the brand’s image of calmness and confidence in their own products and services. And so owners should consider the marketing materials used and ensure all designs are consistent with the company’s products and services.

  1. Loblaws-20x20-A2Unique Style

While consistency of messaging is important, brands should also strive to be unique in their approach to the trade show design process. With hundreds of other displays at the event, companies should try to find a hook that brings in visitors and highlight’s the brand’s unique authenticity.

Trade show design brings a company’s marketing campaign together and helps communicate their messaging with audiences. To learn more design tips, speak with our trusted marketing specialists directly today!