It’s imperative to understand the unique intricacies that go into planning the perfect trade show. One key element within the process is the trade show displays that will be utilized to highlight your company’s products and services. There are many common mistakes that first-time exhibitors that own growing companies make when first introducing their company via trade shows. Within this blog post, we’ll look at two of the most common.

1) Failing to set Goals and Objectives for the Event

Planning is everything when it comes to successful trade shows. That’s why all architecture should be planned out to perfection before the event begins. Companies should know what they want to achieve with their trade show displays before the event begins. For example, one goal might be to attract 1000 visitors to the display area with interactive trade show displays. This means that the company must first create the ideal architecture to realize that objective. Proactive decision-making can help streamline success both during and post-event.

2) Inadequate Number of On-site Staff

It’s one of the more common problems that companies experience at events. But not having enough staff to handle the influx of potential clientele can be severely detrimental to overall success. The more staff that are manning the company’s trade show displays, the better chance of the company increasing its sales volume and developing leads through the event.

Exhibitors are spending hundreds, even thousands on their event architecture, but simple mistakes could be costing them in the long term. Improve income numbers from events by planning ahead of time.