Amico Tradeshow BoothJune 20, 2017 – Blueprint displays with vinyl graphics are now becoming an important element in trade show marketing success. At venues across the country, brands are now harnessing these display tools to ensure a significant return on investment. To help ensure your organization achieves full value for your investment in blueprint products, we’re highlighting their benefits in this latest post.


Each design used within blueprint displays can be scaled down or up for future use. This means companies don’t have to stick with one particular design option throughout multiple campaigns. It also means that design teams have a significant level of flexibility in the types of design they use. They can simply add to their designs over time to incorporate new promotions.

Durable Aesthetic Value

Grasshopper-AThe blueprint displays offer lasting branding value as part of promotional campaigns. They’re designed with saturated graphics that offer residual appeal over several years, ensuring companies achieve significant returns for their campaign investment. Another important benefit of the product’s durability is that it allows for companies to allocate funds to other areas of their campaign, for a strong overall marketing structure.


Transportation costs are a significant consideration for small business owners conducting their initial branding campaigns. The blueprint displays with vinyl graphics offered through our team at Best Displays & Graphics are designed to offer lightweight performance and to be easily transported to event-after-event across the country. This ensures that business owners save money on transportation and teams can quickly begin assembling the display once they arrive at the venue.

The experts here at Best Displays & Graphics are now offering high caliber displays at affordable pricing to all business owners. To discover more on our company and our services, call us today directly at 905-940-2378!