October 24th – You might have that ideal display that is delivering a swift return on investment at events around the country, but unless you store it effectively, you won’t be able to use the equipment over the long-term. To help keep your displays in peak condition, we’re highlighting how to store trade show displays for Canadian businesses, in this latest post.

  1. Ensure Proper, Effective Storage

Temperature control is a critical element of proper storage. Make sure your displays are stored in an environment where humidity and temperature levels remain at optimal levels consistently. Displays should also be stored in a secure facility, which is fitted with the latest security technology to prevent intruders and to keep systems safe around the clock.

  1. Find a Company that Offers Storage, Shipping and Maintenance

In considering storage options, it’s important to analyze the cost-efficiency of each service. Try to work with a company that offers shipping and maintenance services alongside their storage options. This will help you consolidate your logistics costs considerably.

  1. Choose a Company with Inventory Tracking

Oftentimes companies only need specific pieces for individual events. Working with a company that offers inventory tracking will help ensure you can remove only the required products from storage for the unique event, and will help to keep all equipment safe ready for future use.

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