AGM BasementsSeptember 20, 2016 – When you’re at a trade show, surrounded by dozens (or hundreds) of booths, each doing their best to entice visitors, you have to be creative in order to stand out!

There’s really no way to over-state how chaotic a really big exposition can be, especially one with relatively few restrictions on lights and sound systems within booths. It truly is a fight to draw enough attention to yourself, since of course, you need to pull in plenty of leads and sales to justify the overall expenditure.

One of the best ways to do this is to add more features to your booth, which make it more enticing to visitors. Everyone is going to have the usual assortment of tables and literature and employees to talk to. It’s the extra, unique features which will draw in extra visitors and ensure you’re being talked about by attendees as they roam around the show.

Great Attention-Grabbing Features to Add to Your Trade Booth

  1. Lounge Areas

Ganz DisplayHiking around a large trade show is tiring for anybody, especially at longer multi-day shows. Often, one of the most appreciated features in a trade show display is simply having an area to sit down. Sure, it means sacrificing some of your advertising space, but it can greatly increase your traffic – especially if word gets around that you have some of the comfiest seats in the building.

  1. Games Table

Whether we’re talking physical games or video games, an area for playing is surprisingly attractive to visitors! This is especially true if the show has a large number of Gen X or Millennial guests, who grew up on games. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even set up custom servers, like a shared Minecraft game which passers-by can log into and spend time along with guests.

It helps build camaraderie and is also nice for guests who are there to network as well as to shop. And, of course, this works perfectly when paired with a lounge area.

  1. A Self-Serve Documentation Table

One attendee group which is often under-served at trade shows are the introverts. Some people at a trade show are going to be uncomfortable, or wearied, by nonstop conversations with overeager salespeople. Remember: That winning go-getter approach which is pushed in sales classes can actually drive away those who aren’t outgoing themselves.

The solution here is to have a table set off to one side, with a full range of brochures, booklets, DVDs, etc., which people are free to peruse with minimal interruption by the staff. This will also be welcomed by lower-level employees who are sent to the show on a fact-finding mission and have no real purchasing power of their own.

  1. High-Tech Displays

Visitors love fiddling with gadgets and looking at the latest in technology, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your core product. Elements such as giant video screens or touchscreen-based tablet displays will attract extra traffic who just want to play around with cool toys.

You can also use these to push other ways of interacting with your company, like signing up for email newsletters or connecting via Facebook or LinkedIn. People will often be more comfortable giving their email to a computer than to a live rep.

  1. Photo Booths

Allanson Booth_RGBRight now, people are absolutely photo-crazy thanks to social media. Have an area of your booth that’s specifically there for taking pictures, even if it’s just one of those old-fashioned “stick your head through the cardboard cut-out” gag photo booths.

To take it further, investigate options for partnerships with visual social media outlets like Instagram to include custom filters or overlays which would associate directly with your booth. It could potentially turn any visitor into a brand ambassador on social media.

  1. Flashy Lighting

Never underestimate the appeal of “Oooooh, shiny!” Broadly speaking, the more attractive your lightshow is, the more likely you are to get visitors into the booth. Especially those who add a little chemical enhancement to their visitation experience.

  1. Celebrity Endorsements

If there’s anyone who’s “somebody” and they’re a fan of your brand, find a way to get them to your show. A special guest appearance can make your booth far more popular than it would be otherwise.

Best Displays & Graphics

The more design elements, promotions and features you can add to your booth, the better. A great display is bound to increase traffic and generate more leads.  For more booth ideas, display options, and trade show services, please contact Best Displays & Graphics today!