Year-on-year, your organization must attend multiple industry events in order to gain maximum brand recognition. Without sourcing the most professional display items, your event products can degrade over time, which can cause irreparable harm to the image of your organize in the eyes of your core audience. Don’t make the same mistakes your competitors do. Select from the superb collection of portable, durable pop-up displays now on offer within the superb Best Displays catalogue.

As a leading tradeshow industry specialist, we understand what it takes to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your brand. Our pop-up displays are designed to conform to our clients’ most distinct tradeshow requirements in order to merge seamlessly with their existing branding campaigns. This flexibly means we can offer pop-up displays in a range sizes. Clients can select the 8, 10, 20 or 30 feet-wide displays depending on the space available to them at the show. And each come replete with counter tops that can be customized by our design team to reflect your organization’s marketing campaign at a specific event or function. Additionally, our pop-up displays are available with either curved or straight walls to allow for a wider number of aesthetic configurations.

Portability is the number advantage offered by our pop-up displays. The entire display kit weighs just 75lbs and is compiled into a single-wheeled case that can also be converted into a podium from which company representatives can speak about the organization and its latest product offerings.

To learn more about the latest products available through our exceptional catalogue, contact our in-house specialists today.