October 19th – Banner stands are the ideal option for attracting attention and driving interest in your brand at upcoming events. But small business owners don’t often have the extra capital to spend on quality display banner stand products. And so, within this latest post, we’ll explore more on how to reduce the cost of display banner stands in building your Toronto business.

Review Options Months in Advance

The later you leave the purchase process, the more you’re likely going to be spending on display products. Display experts require time to ship the system to you and ensure the design of the banner stand matches your objectives. To help minimize the cost of this process, try to review options months in advance. This way, you can begin to budget for the product and save on having to complete design and shipping processes in a short timeframe.

Consider Rentals

Another great way to save money when you’re first starting out is to consider rental banner stand options. These products can be rented to you by the display company while ensuring you save money on the storage and delivery processes. Oftentimes the company can deliver the product to the event venue and then take it away when the event is completed. It’s the maintenance-free option for achieving outstanding marketing returns during the company’s initial campaigns.

Consider Special Offer Timing

Companies are often having sales on their displays during the summer months, when there are fewer tradeshows. Consider taking on the shopping process in the spring and summer months to ensure maximum purchase value.

Our respected team here at Best Displays & Graphics in Toronto can help guide you on your display banner stand options in the coming year. To discover more, call us today.