September 19, 2017 – One of the most common challenges for event marketers is appealing to a diverse audience at tradeshows. The booth displays used for your tradeshow marketing are a key tool in captivating your target audience, and it’s essential to choose the right product to ensure optimal results from the event. To help you move forward in choosing a display, we’re highlighting our guide in this latest post.

Consider Age Group

What is the average age of those in attendance? Are they likely to be older or younger? If you’re appealing to an older demographic, you might try to use displays that mirror the classic designs of the past to showcase the commitment to product quality your company holds. While appealing to a younger generation of clientele, you might consider working with technology as part of your displays, and showing that you’re focused on using the latest tools within your business.

Consider Your Audience’s Objectives

What are the objectives for your audience at the event? Are they going to the event with the hopes of buying a product or simply to get new information for a potential purchase in the future? The audience’s objectives should play an important role in the choice of booth displays for your tradeshows. For example, if the goal is for the audience to learn more on your products, you might add QR codes to your displays, which can then take the user to specific sites with more product data.

Review Potential Promotional Activities

Will you be hosting a talk at the event? Will there be games taking place at your display? Consider how you’re going to attract your audience to the display, and then make note of the accessories you’ll require to create that inviting space.

Our trusted team is here to help you learn more on the booth display options for your business tradeshows. To discover the latest on our newest products, call today!