Short Blog 6 - BlueprintThursday, January 25th  – With a number of unique display options available to you, it can be difficult to make a decision on the ideal system for your upcoming trade show campaigns. Fortunately, our team at Best Displays & Graphics has many years’ experience in this area and we’re able to guide clients on the best display for their unique promotional objectives. In this post, we’ll place our focus on the Blueprint display solution as we present a guide on this popular product.

Save on Shipping

Blueprint displays are a larger display that help companies consolidate their shipping costs. The product breaks down into smaller pieces easily, saving you from expensive storage and transportation services.

Simple Assembly

At the event, the Blueprint display’s modular design simplifies the setup process. It enables teams to easily and effectively build the display without the need to hire installation services to achieve that desired professional finish.

Includes a Lifetime Warranty

Another reason many are now working with Blueprint displays for their trade shows is that the displays include a lifetime warranty. Your investment is protected and any maintenance work required is completely free of charge!

Working with trusted experts can ensure the best display options are chosen for your upcoming events. To discover more on the displays available, and the full range of options on the marketplace, call our team today!