Thursday, January 11th  – In choosing the display for your upcoming events, it’s imperative you have a clear understanding on the options available. Our team at Best Displays & Graphics are experts in the trade show display field and in this latest post we’re highlighting the full range of benefits of truss displays.

Flexible Configuration

One of the leading benefits of truss displays is that they are infinitely flexible within their construction, allowing you to reconfigure your booth design from show to show to appeal to unique audiences. One event might require the use of screen to showcase the design of a new product, while another event might require you to integrate a podium for a guest speaker. Truss displays are designed to support the highest levels of design flexibility.


Truss displays are also ideal for situations in which you’ll require the display of large and heavy items within your trade show. Steel truss displays have higher levels of weight-bearing than other truss displays on the marketplace and can provide the ideal display solution for a broad range of promotional needs.

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