Weighing in at just 75 lbs, an entire portable pop-up display system is perhaps one of the most convenient ways for organizations with limited personnel resources to promote their products across many trade show events over the year. Consider this: your organization has to be able to make the best use of its workforce in order to truly maximize lead generation during trade shows.

Pop-up displays produced in-house by our team here at Best Displays can be utilized in many unique types of architecture, from professional-looking kiosks to durable fabric displays, therefore offering organizations the ultimate in terms of flexibility of usage. And for those who might require additional lighting options when attending tradeshows at venues with limited or poor light, the team here at Best Displays can offer a number of unique lighting fixtures that will act as the perfect complement to your event display solution.

With pop-up displays, company representatives can simply scan the product to the venue via a versatile kit that packs neatly into the carrying case. This carrying case features wheels so that companies can maneuver their displays during events with supreme ease. In addition, for companies that might be conducting production presentations during their events, the carrying case can be converted into a speaker podium, thus encompassing an all-in-one solution to your entire show’s requirements. To speak with one of the trained experts at Best Displays about your company’s options, contact our in-house today. We’re standing by ready to enhance your promotional campaigns!