November 17, 2015 – With the cooler weather now arriving across Toronto, business owners throughout the region are considering how to protecting their investment in trade show booths. A trade show system can be a significant investment for a small business, and it’s imperative to protect that investment against the freezing temperatures and ice and snow of the Canadian wintertime.  In this post, we’ll offer our tips for protecting trade show displays in the Toronto winter.

DSC_0112Store the Display in a Specially-Designed Case

Toronto companies can help maintain the value of their investment in trade show displays by keeping the product in a specially designed case that has been recommended by the manufacturer.  Many of the leading display cases are made from moulded plastic and are designed to withstand significant movement while protecting the display inside.

Store the Display Away from Moist Areas

A small amount of moisture can do significant damage to a trade show display. And so, to reduce their display maintenance costs considerably, companies should ensure they keep the system in its casing away from moisture. Storage areas should be checked carefully for signs of moisture before the system is placed in the space.

Keep Displays at Constant Mild Temperatures

High and low temperatures can warp display material, eliminating a company’s investment.  And so companies can protect their trade show booths by placing them in a storage area away from the cool temperatures of Toronto’s winter and the heat of the summer season in the area. Maintaining a constant storage temperature is the best way to preserve display materials.

By understanding the leading storage strategies, companies can ensure they retain their return on investment in trade show systems. To learn more, contact the experts here at Best Displays & Graphics directly.