We are excited to share our latest Ontario Government job display project that we had been especially proud to have created. From the design to the installation and maintenance we took care of every detail of this process to ensure that this display was of the highest quality. Like most of the displays that we provide, this booth could have been structured into two different layouts: 20”x 30” or 10” x 20”. This display certainly caught the eyes of many with the blueprint /Fabrame aluminum framing with tension fabric and vinyl graphics.

This innovative display definitely stood out from the other traditional display designs. The setup we provided offered a large area for those interested to roam and gain knowledge of the Ontario Government jobs. With the final set up presenting large areas for chairs with tables and walls filled with information to help split the display up into many different areas of interest, people were given the opportunity to view this display with ease. We ensured that every detail was perfectly suited to the Ontario Government image. Our in-house graphic designers provided stunning graphics and images that took this display to a new level. The Ontario Government received a great response making us add this Best Display design to our list of proud achievements.