Capturing the attention of the audience is the clear goal of the modern organization taking part in tradeshow events. By utilizing innovative architecture and professional branding companies can provide their tradeshow booths with a resounding appeal that helps them to reach new demographics. In this post, we’ll focus on two specific smaller show components that can be added to tradeshow booths in order to draw a large crowd at industry events.

1) Discounts

Tradeshow attendees are looking for a booth that entices them and compels them to act. One of the great motivators many people have when attending trade shows is finding great value in products that others outside of the event would not be able to receive. That’s why it’s important to offer discount cards for business products.

This is also a great way to generate leads for the business as well. Companies should hand out coupons for a certain percentage off original pricing in order to pique the interest of attendees. These attendees may turn into long-term customers for the proactive organization.

2) Product demonstrations

While this might not be applicable to all companies, those that are selling tangible products will benefit from having product demonstrations take place at the event. These demonstrations will not only ensure entertainment for guests to the company’s tradeshow booths but also ensure that the company’s products are remembered by guests long after the show is over!

The best tradeshow results are the result of forward planning. Begin strategizing for your company’s next trade show as soon as possible and you’ll see the rewards on the balance sheet post-event.