August 11, 2016 — While some might think that trade show display technology isn’t exactly the hottest area of product development, they couldn’t be more wrong.  That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Best Displays & Graphics is now carrying the revolutionary T3 Affinity display system.

T3 Affinity DisplayThe T3 Affinity addresses a huge number of problems which have traditionally faced those attending trade shows – especially those looking to attend several trade shows in the same year.  It’s a single Omni purpose construction set for building trade show displays quickly and easily, with enough adapters and component types to handle just about any specific need your display might have.

This is a brand new product, with nothing else like it available in North America.  Let’s take a look…

An Overview of T3 AffinityT3 Affinity Benefits

Remember playing with construction sets as a kid, like Erector Sets or K’Nex?  That’s basically what T3 Affinity is.  T3 Affinity uses a wide variety of cross-compatible beams, connectors, and attachments to create an infinite building set for trade show displays.

There are NO tools required.  Every piece attaches to others using either simple twist-and-lock connectors, or sliding clips which attach directly to grooves within the crossbeams.  Various add-ons and accessories allow you to add lights, wheels, cables for computer equipment, shelves, cloth banners, and more.

T3 AffinityFrom the same basic sets of pieces, you could create:

Basically, the sky is the limit.  T3 Affinity is also cross-compatible with the entire T3 Systems line, for even more options in creating custom-crafted spaces.

The ways this can enhance your trade show displays are numerous.

The Many Benefits of T3 Affinity

  1. Low TCO.

T3 Affinity costs more than a child’s construction set, but compared to most options in building trade show displays, it represents a substantial savings.  Additionally, its high reuse potential means that there will be very little waste involved in your trade show appearances!

  1. Simple transportation.T3 Affinity Customizable

When an entire trade show display can be broken down to its component crossbars and connectors, it becomes incredibly easy to transport.  Even huge displays can be fit into standard vans, and reassembled once on-site.  Nor is there any need for specialty packaging or other special transportation.  Just load ‘n go!

  1. Easy setup and disassembly.

If you can assemble IKEA furniture, T3 Affinity will be a breeze by comparison.  Every part uses the same basic connector types, so anyone can be trained to put it together in a matter of minutes.  You will want to create a diagram of what goes where, but it’s still much easier than other solutions on the market – especially those which require extensive use of specialty tools for assembly.

Plus, taking everything apart afterwards is just as simple.  With a few people on-hand, teardown only takes minutes, rather than hours.

4 – Incredible repurpose ability. 

There’s no reason that T3 Affinity has to be only used at a trade show.  Its universal nature means that it can be put to work in virtually any environment, including offices, museums, workstations, outdoor setups, or standalone points-of-sale locations such as mall kiosks.

T3 products won’t end up sitting around deserted in warehouses 90 percent of the time.  They can be used anywhere.

  1. Only buy what you need.

T3 Affinity offers dozens of component types.  With smart planning, you can figure out ahead of time exactly which parts you need and just order those.  It lets you turn budgeting for displays into an exact science.  And, of course, if a single part breaks, all you have to do is order a new copy of that particular part.  Everything is standardized.

T3 Affinity Live DisplayT3 Affinity Brings Massive Cost-Savings

The common thread here is simply that T3 can allow much more extensive trade show displays at a significantly lower cost than alternatives – especially when one factors in the lowered costs for transportation and setup\teardown.  Not to mention that if a company created a collection of T3 components, they’d soon be able to start putting together new trade show displays with very few new purchases required to put it together!

So, we’re extremely excited here at Best Displays & Graphics to be carrying the T3 Affinity, and we’d love to show it off to interested exhibitors.  Contact us today to learn more about T3 systems and how it can improve your trade show appearances!