June 10, 2014

The goal of any company attending a trade show event is to capture attention for their brand. Whether it’s a small local operation or a multinational company, brand enhancement is a crucial element in trade show marketing. A company’s display is one of the leading tools to ensure that brand enhancement. But unfortunately, most companies don’t put enough thought into their display architecture. This limits attendee response during the event and wastes significant amounts of marketing capital. Here, we’ll look at a few ways in which Toronto companies can enhance their next booth display.

1)      Beach Giveaways for Summer Events

With the summer season on the horizon, Toronto companies can increase the interest in their booth display by offering beach products to those who visit their display area. Simple beach balls with a corporate logo on them can add fantastic value to a marketing campaign this summer 2014. Companies might also consider making product discounts a part of their giveaways. However, this may cut into any future profits derived from the trade show event.

2)      Banner Stand Displays

At large corporate events, companies must mark out their location for passers-by to see as they make their way around the event venue. Banner stands are ideal for bringing in traffic to a display area because they’re small enough not to impede the flow of traffic but can offer unique branding appeal for those companies who think creatively with their stand design.

Give your audience a reason to visit your trade show display. Simply being a good business professional is sadly not enough to capture interest at events. Companies must focus on what their potential customers are hoping for from their attendance and then work to provide a response to those unique attendee needs.