December 11th, 2014

In purchasing their display booths, Toronto firms must now review the long-term advantages of adding the display to their promotional campaigns. While most companies start the purchase process with the goal of achieving value for the investment, few business leaders know how to begin maximizing their display’s benefits once they use them at events across the country. In this blog, we’ll look at how Toronto companies can realize a swift return for their investment in display booths.

keystone 10x20 b4Committing to Pre-Event Promotion

The first step towards achieving a full return on investment in trade show architecture is ensuring the highest number of audience members. Utilizing tools such as social media and flyers, companies can bring in qualified leads from their local region. Effective pre-event communication and promotion should use an incentive-based approach to engage those who might not otherwise visit the event.  Offering free event services can build interest and drive audience numbers.

Plan for Time Constraints

At busy events, the schedule is often exceptionally tight. This means that companies must plan each element of their trade show to perfection. From the delivery of the display to the event venue to the packing up of the materials at the end of the event, it’s imperative that the entire process works like clockwork. This means it’s also important to train event staff and commit to pre-event walk-through sessions to analyze potential challenges that could arise on the day.

Through a process of effective promotion and planning, companies across Toronto can maximize their display booth investment. It’s important not to leave any element to chance when entering a long-term branding campaign that could set the company’s future.