May 15, 2014

It’s all well and good having access to the best design experts in the industry for the design of a trade show booth. But without being able to integrate the company’s vision for the display within their design, businesses will achieve minimal branding enhancement from the event. That’s why business leaders must be able to create the design vision for their specialist designer to hone as they begin the design creation phase. In this blog, we’ll look at a few tips for improving final booth designs.

1)      Having an Objective in Mind

It’s imperative that company owners go into the trade show booth design process with their event objective foremost in mind. This vision for the event will help characterize the final form of the display. Is the objective to gain leads for the company? Is the goal simply to build business links with other vendors? Having this objective in mind can help initialize the design process and ensure the company is moving in the right direction.

2)      Maintain Close Design Communication

Business leaders must allocate an in-house team member to maintain close communication with their design team when crafting booth designs. This empowers decision-makers to review the process at various junctures to ensure it is on-course for the delivery of high quality design products. The design company should welcome the client input and be able to quickly respond to any suggestions made in terms of design improvements.

A company’s tradeshow display design is their leading branding product at events. It’s critical to make sure each design element is optimized for maximum appeal to the event audience. By maintaining a focus on the core branding objective for the event, and working in close quarters with a skilled design team, companies can ensure their tradeshows are highly successful.