July 24, 2014

Creating lasting impressions at business events requires creativity. It requires the ability to consider audience perception and alter those perceptions with unorthodox thinking. The good news for small businesses hoping to compete within the competitive trade show environment is that low cost solutions such as banner stands can be transformed to help expand brand potential. A commitment to trade show creativity can help achieve lasting results for promotional campaigns. Here we’ll look at a few creative uses for cost-effective banner stands.

Use Banner Stands to Showcase Product or Service Performance

The traditional use of banner stands has been simply showcasing company logos, branding details and contact information. While this type of information is important in promotions, at events audiences expect tangible information. Companies can deliver hard facts on product performance when designing their banner stands. They can outline product/service performance in comparison with a competitor to provide that instant recognition to tradeshow audience members.

Introduce Up-Coming Events to Passers-by

A great way to capitalize on the use of banner stands is by introducing information about upcoming events to those passing by the trade show booth. The banner stand might also be utilized to invite guests to visit the booth toward end of an event in order to increase traffic to the company’s display area throughout the day. By extending invitations to those who are not able to visit their booth at the present time, companies can then increase lead generation exponentially.

By enhancing their usage of banner stands, companies will realize a greater return on investment for their event marketing in the long-term. Creative banner stand management will allow even the smallest of local firms to drive forward in meeting their future campaign objectives.