September 4, 2014

For those about to begin a series of trade show events, the truss display is the ideal system. Modular and capable of being changed from event to event, the truss display enables brands to achieve a unique impression on trade show audiences with each use. It’s the reason so many growing Canadian firms are now making the truss display their first investment when they begin their campaigns. Here, we look at how to make effective use of truss displays within trade show booths at upcoming events across Canada.

As a Standalone Display to Present a Background Picture

The modular construction of the truss display means that companies can put together several systems to create one unique background for their display for each event. This type of flexibility means that companies about to release a major product at a business event can highlight the product in a large picture, in the background of their main display area. It’s the method many companies use to capture immediate attention to their product.

Use to Hold a Large Screen for a Q&A Event

Companies hosting a Q&A at their trade show booths might wish to use the sturdy yet lightweight truss displays to hold screens that broadcast the Q&A to the trade show audience. This will ensure that audience members across the trade show floor know there’s an event taking place at the booth.

By utilizing the structural strength and modularity of the truss display, trade show representatives can achieve lasting appeal from their brand events. Speak with a specialist in your area today to discover the various benefits truss displays can bring to your campaigns.