November 4, 2014

There may come a time in any company’s operations when the brand becomes stale and hits an impasse. While there are a multitude of reasons behind this type of problem, the important element is to understand how to turn the company’s fortunes around during a brand re-launch campaign. The trade show environment represents the ideal opportunity for a company re-launch event to take place. And so in this blog, we’ll look at how to use trade show booths when re-launching a brand.

1. Use Booths to Focus on Brand’s Future

When crafting the trade show booths for a re-launch campaign, companies must try to focus on the future of their organization. They might use graphics to showcase their company financial projections for the years ahead. Or they could focus on the potential benefits of their revitalized product line. It’s important to present all graphics as if the company is completely new to the marketplace.

2. Highlight Updated, Professional Branding

With the company having updated their branding for the re-launch campaign, it is imperative that trade show booths showcase company logos and new website addresses used within the re-launch. The re-launching of a company at a trade show event also represents the ideal opportunity to use their new graphics on flags and banner stands surrounding the trade show booth. It’s the opportunity for the brand to show its new and improved offering.

Effective re-branding of a company begins on the trade show floor. By using their trade show booths effectively, companies can kick off a campaign that will help drive their brand to greater strengths over the long-term future in the marketplace.