October 2, 2014

Small business owners may discover numerous challenges along the way to finding the ideal booth displays for their business’s trade show events. Often, these challenges are unique to the smaller company and are obstacles that larger firms might not face. Therefore, growing small businesses across Canada must review their objectives and refine their searches to find high quality systems that will compel audience members to action at their trade shows. Here, we’ll focus on how to select trade show booth displays for the growing Canadian enterprise.

Consider Product Warranties

One of the most important elements in selecting any display system is the warranty available with the product. While large companies might be able to take the loss on a new system that has failed during early use, small businesses must protect their investment and buy warranties from trusted manufacturers.

Speak with Other Small Business Owners

There are numerous small business owners at various stages of the buying process. They might have already selected their chosen booth displays. It’s important to communicate with as many business owners and industry experts as possible to ensure a consensus is achieved on the most suitable product.

Ensure Display Systems are Portable & Durable

Portability and durability are two of the most important characteristics of any display product. Small businesses will often promote their product at hundreds of industry events during their initial marketing campaigns. Therefore, products should be easy to transport and durable enough to withstand the buffeting during travel.

It’s hard enough being a small business owner without being made to rely upon ineffective tools. Review the guidelines in this blog post to determine how best to move forward with the booth display selection process.