January 30, 2014

The focus for many small companies at the inception of their marketing campaigns is consolidating expenditure while building brand recognition in the marketplace. But when reviewing the available options from the leading trade show supplier, it can often be difficult to find low cost exhibit displays that would appeal to event audiences. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight a few methods companies can use to save money on the top products on the market.

Consider Rental Products

Rental products are an ideal entry product for many companies going into the trade show marketplace. They allow small businesses to find low cost trade show architecture at a highly affordable rental price. And because another organization owns the rental product, companies can also save money in terms of display transportation and storage. By choosing the right rental firm, companies could even achieve free set-up and dismantling for their rented exhibit displays.

Consolidate Service Costs

Firms can reduce the entire cost of their marketing campaign by consolidating the larger costs, such as design work, architecture procurement and consulting. In order to consolidate costs, companies must be able to commit to choosing one company for each of these essential areas. And therefore, this type of savings requires additional research work. Companies that find the ideal trade show specialist, however, can negotiate a final price that could save thousands when compared with hiring separate firms for each area of the event.

Saving money requires a large amount of forethought. What are your company’s objectives? Does the organization require a specific type of display for the upcoming event? By reviewing company targets, business owners can hone in on areas where costs can be reduced.