March 25, 2014

With the government incentives available to businesses that take an environmentally ethical approach to their promotional campaigns, it’s no wonder so many Canadian companies are now reviewing their environmental practices. For those hoping to reduce their ecological impact and achieve greater workflow efficiency when hosting trade show displays, this blog will go over the methods to use to help ensure your organization is environmentally friendly and forward-thinking.

Focus on Digital Lead Generation

One of the largest elements of waste at trade show events is waste on paper handouts. While, before the internet, these handouts offered easy dissemination of company promotional information, they are now simply relics of a bygone era. Companies must focus on digital lead generation for their events in order to limit the amount of paper they use. One example might be asking customers to enter their email into a touchscreen system on-site for the chance to win. This email can then be used to send information on upcoming brand events.

Work with Recycled/Recyclable Materials

Many of the leading trade show displays specialists in Canada now offer trade show displays that have been recycled or are themselves recyclable. This type of initiative can help companies contribute to the recycling industry that is protecting the natural environmental against degradation and deforestation. Owners must contact firms in their local area to find out about their recycled product options.

Focusing on the natural environment can help organization retain a clear sight of their over-arching objectives. The question that many business leaders must now ask is this: how can we contribute to the success of our brand in a more environmentally-friendly business world?