September 30, 2014

Growing companies must visit many trade show venues in order to build market penetration and gain interest within their brand. But, during the course of this travel across Canada, trade show booths can become dented and scratched, thereby rendering them useless in terms of branding appeal. It’s important to understand the ideal methods for protecting trade show booths during transit and so here the team at Best Displays outlines their expert tips.

Select Trusted Shipping Companies

While many Canadian-based companies are now choosing to ship their trade show booths to the event themselves, it’s usually more effective to work with a professional shipping company. Professional companies have the requisite casing materials to protect the display during travel. Companies should try to select shipping specialists with at least 10 years’ proven experience within the industry, to ensure that they have the requisite expertise to handle a range of display materials.

Ensure Careful Examination of Products on Arrival at the Venue

Trade show exhibitors should review their displays carefully when they arrive at the destination to ensure all elements are in optimal condition. Companies should notify their shipping partners if any piece is dented or otherwise broken upon arrival at the destination. Oftentimes, shipping companies require immediate notification of any issue with the shipped product. This will help trade show exhibitors to move forward in recouping any insurance costs.

By securing their displays during transit, trade show exhibitors can mitigate issues with branding performance during the event. Effective marketing means considering every element in the trade show management process. Review the available shipping companies serving your region to find a specialist that has both experience and a wide suite of insurance options.