July 15, 2014

On-site safety should be a foremost concern for any business with staff attending a trade show event. With the large equipment and heavy components involved in setting up and dismantling trade show booth items, it’s important that representatives understand the risks involved and have a plan in-place for mitigating those risks. Here, we’ll look at how event reps can ensure their own personal safety and how companies can oversee a secure and profitable event management process.

1) Implement Training Before the Event

Rep training is a critical element in ensuring employee safety when installing and dismantling trade show booth systems. Companies should plan their training at least two weeks before the event, but close enough to event day that information is retained.  Safety specialists might be brought into the company office to highlight any potential dangers, as well as lifting techniques that must be utilized to ensure safety for all event representatives.

2) Inspect all Materials Before the Event

Company representatives should inspect all the trade show booth materials they are to use during the event before event day to ensure they have an understanding on optimal functionality. Items that require close inspection include cartridge banner stands and products that open and close during regular event use, in addition to heavier items that must be lifted and taken down during the event.

By reviewing safety protocols before their events begin, companies can ensure their work teams are in optimal position for seamless event management. Ignoring any potential risks can have lasting consequences for the company so it’s important to be proactive on this area of event operations.