Jade Communications-6067-B2December 23, 2015 – The latest technology can transform a tradeshow presence into an engaging display that captivates all event attendees. But companies must be careful in considering how they will utilize technology within their displays. They require systems that are easy-to-use, as well as technology that will complement their existing promotional materials. In this post, we’ll look at several unique ways to integrate technology in your Toronto trade show displays.

Use LCD Screens to Showcase Products

The latest LCD systems can be used to showcase the quality of the company’s products. Screens might also show discussions between industry influencers. Brands should consider creating unique content before the event to showcase their commitment to attendees.

Promobility-C1Integrate Real-Time Video Feeds

Companies can use video cameras to film their interactions at the trade show events. This has a number of benefits. Firstly, many attendees will want to speak on camera with the company representatives. Secondly, the resulting material can be used across the company’s social media channels, to expand their brand presence and drive greater interest in the company’s products.

QR Codes on Marketing Materials

When handing out marketing materials, companies can add QR codes to the products that attendees can then use to receive product or service discounts. With the use of these QR codes, the company can gain information for lead generation, and drive their marketing campaigns forward exponentially.

Rogers-10x10-A-1Set Out Tablets to Give Attendees Control

Brands must support their attendees need to control the promotional experience at events. They can do this with tablets set at the exterior of their display space. These tablets can be optimized to show the company’s products or introduce the company’s websites. Through instructional guides, attendees can also be guided on how to view further online information on the company and its product-line.

Technology can often be a difference-maker at upcoming business events. To learn more on how to integrate technology within displays, contact our team today!