February 20, 2014

One of the great benefits of working with technology at a modern business event is that it allows a fluid response to at-event challenges. For example, when companies are not achieving the level of response they expected to their pre-event promotional work, they can build interest by harnessing social media and other internet-based technology to drive interest in their trade show exhibits. Those about to begin their 2014 event calendars might wish to take the following advice with them:

1)      Use Social Media Walls

A social media wall is a tool that companies can use to connect with their brand followers during an event. It’s essentially a simple concept.  Companies install a screen as part of their trade show exhibits and then attach the screen to an internet-connected computer or device to highlight their social media spaces such as Twitter and Facebook. The real-time updating capabilities of Twitter make the system ideal for this type of functionality. By utilizing a screen that’s continuously updating with new content, companies can quickly improve on their lead generation as they event continues.

2)      Email Promotions

During an event, companies can harness email promotions to drive attendance at their trade show exhibits. Mobile customers will likely use their phones to review emails as the event continues. By sending out a blast to a current contact list, companies can incentivize an event follow-up through a discount offer or other type of rewards.

Armed with technology at their fingertips, no company is stranded and isolated when an event begins. Think about the real-time advantages of social media and email promotions, and give potential exhibit visitors a reason to make that first crucial point-of-contact.