When companies attend industry events across the country, one goal is clear – to entice attendees to their trade show booth so they can capture more business for the organization. But in order to achieve high promotional value at events, it’s important to learn what type of booth attracts the public’s attention. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two ways in which the modern organization can build interest in its trade show booth.

1) Promotional Giveaways

Everyone likes getting free products. And when given free products that offer a high level of value, event attendees will likely want to learn more about the company. A simple idea for a product giveaway could be a memory stick with the company’s logo printed on it. This type of giveaway holds tremendous value in the digital age, and each time it’s used within the office, the company’s branding information will be clear for all to see. Ensure that promotional giveaways are both cost-effective and offer high value in order to receive the best event response.

2) Guest Speakers

Many times, trade show events will allow specific amounts of time for event attendees to host mini-events at their trade show booth. It’s important that businesses take advantage of this opportunity by inviting industry guests that can both entertain and inform large crowds of people on subjects relevant to the booth owner’s business. With the crowd already in the area, representatives simply have to be proactive and engage with attendees in order to get leads for the organization.

Standing out from the crowd at trade show events involves being creative. Activate your company’s unique qualities and show the crowd at the event how your business can be helpful to them.