February 13, 2014

Visibility is a critical factor in the bustling tradeshow environment that is now common across the commercial marketplace. Few companies are automatically given attention by attendees. Businesses must work hard to captivate their audience members. And one of the ideal tools for achieving this objective is trade show graphics. Some still struggle in harnessing graphics as part of their trade show campaigns. Here are a few tips to help small business owners begin to think about the potential that optimal graphics can deliver:

Audiences Take Notice of Headlines

From reading newspapers and magazines to seeing chapter titles in books, we’ve been conditioned to notice the one line of text above content. Companies can capitalize on this conditioning to use headlines within their trade show graphics. Putting a strong headline above a display can immediately ensure attention is achieved. Headlines must sell the company’s key advantages concisely. Business owners should consider how they write text messages and tweets when creating that one standout headline.

Use the Mystery Element

Audience members at trade shows wanted to be intrigued by a new company or product. Companies can utilize this urge for intrigue to entice interested audience members to their trade show booths. Oftentimes, questions are the best use of the mystery element. A company’s tradeshow graphics might use the question “Are you ready to help your company build its profits in just one click?” for example.

By taking advantages of human psychology, companies can achieve a high level ROI for their trade show graphics. Working with marketing specialists during this process can ensure that any investments made can be used again and again in future events.