May 14, 2014

Toronto companies are in a strong position to ensure effective trade show marketing campaigns. But oftentimes, these organizations don’t use the full array of tools at their disposal to generate qualified leads for their events. This means they miss out on large amounts of potential revenue and misdirect funds to areas of their marketing campaigns that don’t yield optimal results. Here, we’ll look at how to generate qualified leads for your trade show booths.

Targeted Pre-Show Promotions

Whether it’s an advertising campaign or a newsletter roll out, targeted pre-show promotions can boost the numbers of qualified attendees at any event. Companies should review their current list of customers and analyze which of those are most likely to bring recurring revenue to the company. By ensuring only qualified leads are invited to an event, the firm can cut down on time wasted on unprofitable event conversations at their trade show booths.

Communicating with Fellow Attendees

Oftentimes, industry events will bring together companies that have many cross-promotional opportunities. Toronto firms should review the full list of attendees and then reach out to those businesses to see if they can work together on a promotion for the event. An example might be a video production company working on promotion with an audio visual systems manufacturer. These types of promotions often hold long-term advantages for the participating firms.

Your next trade show event represents a limited opportunity to speak with motivated buyers of your business’s products and services. Ensure you speak with the right people at the right time for the sale by enacting the previously outlined tips for effective at-event lead generation.