Trade Show Displays don’t have to be large and overly elaborate in order to bring in potential cliental.  With the right design, trade show displays can transform a run-of-the-mill solution intoto display area that grabs the attention of everyone at the event. Let’s take a look at the key elements of standout trade show displays:


Colourful, Large Format Graphics

Graphics are the first elements that potential cliental will notice about your company’s display. It’s important therefore to understand how to arrange these elements in order to bring your products into the direct focus of event attendees. If you’re attending the event to promote a product, it’s imperative that your graphics elements showcase customers using that product. In addition to this picture, you must use eye-catching graphic fonts to let attendees know what your company does and how they can benefit from using your solutions.


Company Name Should be Clear


When designing trade show displays it is important that your company name be clearly recognized within the display. This should be the clear focus of the design elements and therefore should be highlighted using products such as back lighting and other professionally design elements.

Customized Flooring


For those who have a larger area to work with, it’s imperative to set the organization apart from other tradeshow attendees. One way of doing this is through customized flooring, as it presents a professional appeal that will show potential customers that your organization is truly ahead of the field within its industry.

Utilizing these key display design techniques will provide your organization with the edge at the next event!