April 29, 2014

One of the many important aspects of trade show events is building sales leads for the company. Organizations must deploy proactive strategies that capture interest from those within the trade show audience. But many still struggle to attain interest at busy events in which there are hundreds, maybe even thousands in attendance. Here, we’ll outline a few of the ways to drive lead generation at trade show booths.

Call to Action Marketing

Companies must understand how to effectively use call to action marketing within the design of their trade show booths. Whether they utilize a banner stand that evokes thought from the audience member, or they choose to invite audiences to call the company for more information on their services, call to action marketing capitalizes on the innate human need to respond to requests. The objective is to get the reader thinking about the benefits the product or service can provide, and then to act on their need to find out more information. It can be highly effective when carried out professionally.

Create Event Competitions

By hosting their own event competitions at their trade show booths, companies can invite potential customers to provide them with their contact information for lead generation campaigns. Most audience members will be happy to provide their email address for the opportunity to win a free prize. It’s how growing companies can build their leads and achieve great event interest.

Events represent the ideal opportunity for forward-thinking companies to increase their leads within the marketplace. Organizations must capitalize on this rare opportunity to appeal to innate human qualities in order to engage and inspire action.