February 18, 2014

When a small business attends their first tradeshow event, their main objective should be to enhance their brand recognition. Likely, the tradeshow venue will be tightly packed with many participants hoping to gain interest from audience members. This means it’s important for new business owners to begin the event with the optimal display stands for their promotional purposes. In this blog, we’ll review the important design elements to consider.

1)      Harness Bold, Easily Understood Graphics

The company’s tradeshow graphics are their means of communications with audiences. Those at the trade show are looking to be an enticed by a company with a branding vision that is more appealing than the others at the event, and so small, new firms must use high quality graphics as part of their displays. Companies should stick to fonts that can be easily scaled-up for readability in displays. Oftentimes, new companies lose audience attention when their displays are unreadable due to the fonts or the colours they’ve chosen.

2)      Integrate a Current Events Hook

While it might be difficult to get long-term value for money with a current events theme for the design of their display stands, companies can use this theme to achieve a strong response at their inaugural tradeshow. Business owners must consider the return on investment for the display design when looking to make current events a focal point.

The moment an audience member steps into a venue, they should be able to recognize a brand’s display. For newer companies, this type of recognition can take time. But by following the preceding advice, this type of brand recognition may be only a short time away for even the newest and smallest of brands.